Our mission began with our beloved Fraternity to represent with pride and style of who we are. We are forging a movement to inspire Asian Americans to be proud of their letters.

Our first major step forward is with Asian American Greeks Nationwide. Providing a source for premium high-quality apparel in one centralized location for all Asian greeks. 

The brand and all its fibers represent the hard working, humble, authentic, and altruistic nature of the Asian-American community and it is through our service that we wish to bring life, add value, and renew your passion in your Letters.

 Our vision is conveyed through the mission statement, “to create a brand that blends greeks and fashion into a potent formula of desirable clothing that expresses individuality and attitude”.



Everything we make, we handpick ourselves. The fabrics, the fit is sourced by us. We hate wearing apparel that is not well forming, rugged, and just overall terrible to rock in. That is why we always guarantee quality that you can trust. Being able to wear a shirt that lasts. Well, that would be great. And we made that happen. 


We design our shirts, custom to each order. We outsource the perfect production using reliable companies. We pair up with the best business to build personal trust. Natural relationships that we can build upon. Shoot us a message. We are real people. We are not robots. 


Understanding Greek Lingo? What is a syands? We are greek owned, and have personally experienced Greek life to its entirety. Being established by Greeks we can relate to how much of a pain it is to create cool designs that you can rock every day. Don't worry, we took the pain out. Rep your letters in style and the knowing greeks made it, and not a random person is all you need.