3 Steps To Rush.

It's almost that time of the year again! Rush season! Where everyone starts whipping out their rush t-shirts, tank tops, line jackets, and more. Rush week can be a fun time, but it could also be a nightmare when no one shows up...
Here are 3 quick steps on how to up your rush game and to give your organization and overall better recruitment week.
Tip #1 - The approach
When you approach a potential candidate, do not start out by shoving your organization's information down their throat. I always hear people start off by saying:
"Hi my name is blah, I am apart of blah blah blah. We do blah and blah. Our philanthropy is blah. We currently have blah chapters, and this many sister/brother here..."
You would get lucky if they remember your name... 
Next time, why don't you try to approach the potential and start with:
"Hi, my name is blag, I haven't seen you around campus before. Are you new here on campus?" 
Start a conversation from that, ask them more questions. Then lead into the fact that your in a Greek organization and wanted to invite them to an event.
Tip #2 - Be Curious
Once you have them talking more about themselves. Get to know this person like they are your best friends. People love talking about themselves and they love hearing about themselves. Be genuinely curious about the potential rush and you'll know right away if they are a fit for your organization.
Tip #3 - Make a Connection
They say the moments when you think "No way! Me too!" are when the best connections are made. People love feeling connected to others. So when they find out you have similar interests they are more likely to listen to what you have to say. This is when you can tell them more about your organization. Once trust is established, you will also be more comfortable in presenting your organization that you feel so connected to.
We hope these three quick tips help you in your rush week. If you really take the time to think about these 3 tips and implement them in your rush process, you will succeed. Share this post with sisters/brothers who may need this.

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